Feb. 23rd, 2009

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Feb. 23rd, 2009 08:47 am
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hahahaahahha I'm in careers and I haven't done anything in class (or out of it) for the past like, two weeks. me? failing? surprisingly, I'm not...

on a totally different note, I ordered Tsuya and Kani's heads yesterday! I'm excited for them to come home. =w= haha, then I need to find bodies for them. I'm thinking I'll buy the Rickydoll 17 body for Kani, but for Tsuya, since he's shorter I'm not quite sure. Maybe a Delf type 3 body? It's ~60.5cm, the RD17 body's probably taller. I've heard it's like the SD17 body, which is...around 64 something cm at the very least? Eh, good enough of a height difference for me.

mm, thinking of clothes for them. speaking of clothes, Vodka needs more clothes. I want to get her the matching set to Quantum's default, she can't continue wearing his. *laugh* Thinking of getting this outfit for Tsuya. Kani needs something...sluttier. *laugh* Well, this outfit's kind of slutty too, but not in the way that Kani is.

...it's surprising how quickly their nicknames have caught on with me. xD


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