Mar. 18th, 2009

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While doing some tagging for a comm, I stumbled across a JE lookalikes post. The author said that Yamashita Shoon looked like Kim Jaejoong, and I was like "Yes!! Thank you, I wasn't the only one who noticed!" (They do kind of look alike, I think...) Also, who is this Kevin Woo Sung Hyun guy? He's really cute... \D

god I hate this keyboard

I was filling a request for the spring JE meme, but I was marathoning higurashi at the time. It...wasn't the best idea. *laugh* near the end, when it was supposed to get all steamy and stuff, I ended up kind of rushing through it because I was so freaked out by Higurashi. They ripped her nails off! Ugh! That's one of the only things I can't stand...

Today, I rewatched an old Ben 10 episode (shut up I love that show ;______;). And I realized that one of my favourite show-moments was in that episode. xD It's the one where Gwen meets her grandmother for the first time, and she's on the roof thinking about her proposal. Ben and Kevin come up to talk to her, and Ben's all like "You should do it if you want to, it seems really cool!" and Kevin's like "No. Don't. You belong here. It'd be lame if you went." And then she gets up, kisses him on the cheek and leaves and he's kinda sitting there smiling, until he turns around and keeps on shouting "Lame! Lame! Laaame!" at her. idk, I really liked it... *laugh*


Finally got around to watching NewS' Pacific concert DVD the other day. idk, I kind of thought Never Ending Wonderful Story was better. :\ I'm still kind of pissed that they didn't show all of Snow Express in the tour documentary. I mean, I mean, shirtless!Shige AND YOU DIDN'T SHOW ALL OF IT? *pissed*

So much on my flist to go through @___@ I haven't even had the time to properly tag what I needed to, so there's a lot to wade through. *laugh* Mou, wondering if it's worth going to the ontario johnny's meet...I don't know, it depends if my friend's going to the con with me or not. My parents think I went to the con last weekend, so I can't pull the con thing again. xD;;


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