Mar. 27th, 2009

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Bought a volume of Switch today (seven's out already?! ;___;) and FFFFFFFFF WHY IS IT SO GOOD. D:

Well, storyline wise it probably could be a lot better; and the art's really pretty but it's weak at times too. But it just has this way of making you want to see what happens. D: I mean like, [spoiler] you totally think Akaha's another victim of the Ryugen but then it's like BAM HEY I'M THE RIGHT ARM OF THE RYUGEN and everyone's like WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! except not really. also, if Akaha's the right arm then who the fuck is Sawaki?! Also, if Akaha's meant to be gay with someone I really want to know who soon because after so long (it feels like it, although it was probably just before the march break!) of not reading it I kind of forgot a lot of the people and who was who. Should've bought volume five, but it wasn't in stock and I'd already read it, so I got volume six instead. \D Volume seven's cover art looks amaaaazing.

Fuck, I need to buy the Dolls volumes soon. D: I also need new icons, because this shitty Seiju one is one of the best of the fucking batch (just goes to show how good I was back in the summer, huh? \D) and it's kind of an oversharpened mess. I'd at least like a coloured one, except coloured Dolls art is too saturated and intense and hard-to-work with for my liking. ):

Also what the fuck Dolls needs to be licensed or something super soon, because me trying to read the original volumes is like a fucking train wreck waiting to happen. \D (I had sliiiiiight success with a chapter of TRC [read: five pages] back in 2006 or so, but no go with something like Saiyuki Gaiden.

shiiit, I need a tag for anime / manga fandom or something D:

still working away at Higurashi, Kuroshitsuji and Nobuta wo Produce. ;;; Four left for Higurashi, 12 or so left for Kuroshitsuji and eight for Nobuta. Then I get to watch Kai! |D idfk I'm actually getting a little sick of Higurashi. Maybe I'll take Jer's recommendation and go watch Hayate, apparently it's really good. or maybe I'll hunt down a torrent for the first season of Jigoku Shoujo because I am cheap and don't want to shell out 70+ dollars for the boxset >____>, because all I can find (quickly) is Futakomori.

I want to make anime icons, it's kind of so much easier than making them out of real people. D:

(also, if you see a phase shift tag showing up any time soon on LJ, that's my school tag ;D)


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