Mar. 30th, 2009

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I'm so bored...I'm like, constantly checking my f-list looking for something new. xD I should study for German. $#@%! vocab. D:

In class essay today, it was supposed to be two or three pages double-spaced. I had a shitty outline, so I was scrambling to make that in the middle and then somehow I did but I still think it ended up being a shitty essay. I had good points, but they were woefully unexpanded on and complete because I, uh, finished my outline third period today.

I decided to sign up for the international dolly gift exchange. |D I'll probably send on that mini-flower box, I'm not gonna use it in any of my displays (it's currently black and white and airy/fluffy/lots of glass props \D), 'cause I'm going to change it to something like NewS' Happy Birthday after I get the patterns for all the box-props. (I know it was a ghetto PV, but it's easy to replicate. :D) Someday, I want to do something like Volks' Oath of the Silver Coin displays, they're so gorgeous~ Maybe I'll go to Honest Ed's tomorrow during my spare and see if I can pick up something else for the exchange, because the flowerbox was free and I feel kind of like a cheapass. =w=

Started watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and somehow, despite not being able to read a word of Japanese (that's a lie, I can read some but it takes a bit |D) managed to spoil myself from looking at April Myojo. Damnit. does this mean I have to watch it now too?! xD

ahhhhh fuck bio. I need, to, uh, start growing my plants. And I have no idea what this fucking encorewiki thing is about, nobody but me and Nicholas did any fucking work last class. gakslgjajkadga; hate bio. hate it. hate it hate it hate it hate it. fucking irp project...maybe I can say they all died. okay, no, that's a bad idea.

Michael's new nickname is apparently Jr. Exec Miki-pyon. :D


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