Apr. 1st, 2009

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Happy birthday, Keito-kun! :D Also happy birthday to the multitudes of TRC characters who have birthdays too! <3

Kent started teaching me how to spin a rifle today. \D Then Kim saw us and was like, "...that rifle's not gonna work, it's too light. Get one of the real ones," so we switched it with Morrison and FFFFFFF that thing is heavy and it hurts. >___> I still can't get the half-spin, I can...kind of get the first one. I'm just too scared to let go and let it rotate around my hand, so my left arm's always twisted around by the end of the first spin.

I lost a shoe today in Union GO. I was freaking out like whoa, because my wrestling shoes are undoubtedly the most expensive pair I own (other than my ridiculous boots |D), I think I paid over $100 for them. And...losing one was a shock, especially since I know i have another few years of wear in them. I walked around looking for them, until I finally went to the lost and found and asked and they had it AND I WAS SO GLAD. \w\ Luckily, I had a spare first period, so then I watched Index (MY DRESS IS A CHURCH HURRRRR) and then went to chem. |D


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