Apr. 6th, 2009

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Michetti wasn't there in art today so we watched some video on some Chinese lady and all her memorials...she designed the Vietnam memorial, but there was a huge controversy and stuff and at one conference about it, there was this lady representing the community or the veterans or something and she was like "blah blah blah we support this" and then right after that, there was this douchey guy who was all like, "NO I STILL DON'T LIKE THAT WALL!". It was great jokes. :D

Should've brought in Vodka's head to work on, I need to redo her eyelashes and eyebrows. I should've bought a black pastel last Friday, I don't know if I can do eyeliner successfully still. *grumble*

We started 1984 in English. Me and Nate started discussing it because Deepsand told us to, but...we kind of got off topic. Andrew talked a little too, and so did Kenneth, but it was mostly the two of us orz.

There was an odd little bit in English today when we were supposed to be answering some questions in a group:

Nate: Isn't our group a little big?
Rahim: There's four of us.
Nate: Yeah, we're supposed to be working in twos or threes...
Jerome: Well, Shanna's half a person by mass...
Rahim: I'm half a person by mass.
Jerome: I am too.
Nate: Two and a half men!
Me: I'm not a man!
Rahim: Oh yeah, you're not...
Jerome: No, she is.
Me: ...I'm not a man!
Jerome: Prove it.
Nate: Yeah, prove it.
Me: >: >: >: >: >: >:

just because I'm flat-chested T_____T

So much work to do D: Need to plant all my fucking plants because Meg is a retard, and my careers is due tomorrow and I haven't done, uh, anything. >___>


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