May. 9th, 2009

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Finally got around to watching the recent NewS no Abake. Tegoshi pretending to be Koyama was priceless! and Koyama trying to find his seat after he got up and Shige just yelling "Oi!" and Yamapi's <i>hair</i> (god he looked so good I hope i'm not the only who thinks this) and. and. and. asl;fkal;;jgakl; I love them so much~

I downloaded a bunch of Takki clips today for some reason. And damn, he's hot. :D :D :D :D It's been a while since I've listened to T&T, so I think I might go listen to them again. They were my first Johnny's group ever, so. <3 It makes me sad that Tackey and Tsubasa aren't really...Tackey and Tsubasa anymore, you know what I mean? D:

as;galgkla;skla we're moving soon AND I CAN ONLY FIND ONE OF MY PLAYARTS BOXES how am I going to transport Leon and Roxas. ;___; (Also, Riku playarts figurine finally do really want!) I have no idea how I'm gonna bring Quantum and Vodka over, other than packing all their crap and them into their boxes. Maybe I'll bring them to school on Thursday lol except not I can only fit one in my bag.

Had a sewing class today, it was pretty much a waste of time full of old ladies with Bernina Aurora 440s (SO JEALOUS hffffff. Love my Janome 2007LE though~). They were all like LOL HOW DO I CHANGE THE STITCH LENGTH or LOL HOW DO I WIND A BOBBIN and I was like jesus christ didn't you read the manual?! It was like, "okay, how are you guys doing with your bobbins?" and I'm like I've been doing this since I was twelve, I think I know what I'm doing. ¬____¬ There wasn't any point in me going, really...didn't learn anything new in particular.

I need a Tackey and Tsubasa tag. And a l'arc tag, 'cause I started listening to them again and fell in love with Hyde's voice all over again. :D

goddamnit, I think I packed away my L'anniversary DVD. (Actually, I can't even remember if I bought L'anniversary. I think I did, the other one I have is...L7 trans-asia, I think? I still need to buy Mata heart ni tsukero. black rose live ffffff do want.) I have such a fucking urge to watch it again.

EDIT: "We asked Takizawa about performing solo since he usually performs as the duo of Tackey & Tsubasa."

Uh, yeah, no. ):


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