Jun. 1st, 2009

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*sigh* I think I should eat more. We didn't have any lunchable food in the house, and all I had was twelve cents so my dad ended up giving me radishes and cherries in a sandwich baggie and a small curry bun. I had a croissant and tea for breakfast, ate my radishes and some cherries during chem and had my curry bun (it was delicious!) during lunch.

And then. English. fffffff hunger pains? cramps? what do you call them? it was pretty much horrible; I couldn't focus on anything but thankfully I didn't have to so it was good. I fell asleep about midway through, woke up, it felt better and then it started getting worse so I had a few of the cherries I had left over and tried to bear it. Thankfully [livejournal.com profile] atenishinai gave me half her apple (you have no idea how much that saved me! ;o; and thank you for the waffles too! <3) and I was good-ish.

It's really weird, because this usually only really happens when I'm at conventions and forget to eat/don't eat for an entire day at home because I'm lazy. :B And it's happened before, but on an A day too which is odd because I don't do anything strenuous those days. Weird.

Extension on the icon fuck yeah!
...not allowed to use skips anymore, not so fuck yeah.

Shipping for Tsuya and Kani starts in a week! :D Gonna hope I can get mine by the time exams are over, and treat myself to a good day of faceupping (lol and hope I don't fuck up). n__________n

Expect a post sometime soon on Mijn Schatje. :p


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