Jun. 8th, 2009

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How do I have 13gb of music? /sobs I'll move the virtual machines to the hard drive, that'll free up another 2.5gb + the 1.5 that comes from moving the last few of my scans to the harddrive. I can get rid of some of CS4 when it finishes downloading, because I already have PS and Bridge...I can keep the rest on my HD because I only really want Illustrator and I'm not gonna use it that often orz.

Got a 98% on the air summit... vji and kriss are so mad at me because I did almost no work and still got better than them. |D my sources were better explained, apparently. dwon didn't submit anything until after it, though, so his final mark was like. a sixty. :|

oh dear lord newest je_battle challenge...it looks brutal. ;o; I'll try my best though!

I can't...really listen to Arashi's One Love...whenever I think of it, I think of Super Junior's One Love (memories are beautiful, you'll always be my girl~) and whenever I listen to it, it feels like fucking video game music and I start laughing.

Okay, I think my schedule is something like this:

Wednesday: compsci
Thursday: bio
Friday: chem
Monday: english + german oral
Tuesday: math
Wednesday: german

I'm only really worried for bio and chem. I'll look over switches sometime soon before compsci. I'll prepare for english and look over some of my german answers on the weekend, and look over some math too... I still need to review the vocab for german, but I'm not too worried for it (lol am I ever... I passed the literacy exam for the level we're taking right now + this year, so I should be fine. :| hey, shouldn't that exempt me from this year's exam?!)

back to bio. /sigh


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