Jun. 9th, 2009

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the compsci exam...a lot easier than I expected, but I forgot something at the end. ah well, I'm sure it'll turn out okay in the end~ now to study bio orz. borrowed Tales of Symphonia off [livejournal.com profile] noctilucine - thank you! <3 <3

Went out to the movies with my squadron last night, it was really fun! I know, I know, I should've studied...but they yell at me if I don't go so. |D;; We watched Night @ the Museum 2. :3 I'm in a good mood now~

The Quiz Show ep. 7! spoilers under the cut )

zopp (lyricist for some of the JE songs like Seishun Amigo) emailed me the other day! He told me I didn't have to try and speak japanese, he would write in english. *laugh* was it really that bad? but I guess he's much more comfortable using english than I am using japanese.

I went to NewGen with Vector yesterday during fourth to grab lunch. I was going to go to the Korean place during lunch to get a bulgogi set, but I ended up playing Mafia during lunch so I went during my spare at about 1.30 when Vector showed up (lol she was skipping history) and we went out. I wanted to go to the Korean place, but she didn't want to walk that far so NewGen it was. *laugh*

(hopefully) Pmall this weekend! I'm gonna pick up Myojo and Duet, possibly Potato and Wink-up. I'm not paying for these this time around (I'm bringing them along when I go to Quebec later) so. ;D Speaking of Quebec...holy shit they're sending me on a fricking plane. I would've expected a bus. I would've been more comfortable with a bus, because I have to be in uniform and damn that will be embarrassing. :C it's only an hours' flight, though, and I won't be the only one so. :/ :/ :/

fffffffffffffff okay bio. fffffffff.


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