Jun. 11th, 2009

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nnnn holy shit Second Super Show Korea tickets are expensive @____@ I'll...hope that the Beijing ones are slightly less expensive, because holy shit $70 for one. .____. I'll also hope that they'll be in Beijing when I'm in Beijing, haha. fffff I really want to go, especially because in Beijing chances are SJM will be there too and I am such a Henry fangirl it isn't funny. /crosses fingers

I'd like to get Vodka this set sometime; she could match my room! how cool is that? :D

I have the feeling that despite my ~*~grand plans~*~, the most I'll ever have in the future would be KANUN, Vodka, Chinato, and Fallon. I feel really bad because Quantum doesn't get anywhere near as much attention as Vodka does right now...maybe if I redid his faceup it might help, but I don't want to touch the factory one because it's still, like, pristine. ;;;

After the Ricky heads arrive, I told myself I'm just gonna take a day and do their faceups. :D Vodka needs a new one too, her eyebrows are kind of uneven and her eyelashes are rubbing off so I'll wipe hers and try eyeshadow that's not blue this time (I'm thinking either green or pink), it looks horrible next to her green eyes and I have no idea where my blue acrylics went. I need the practice anyways, and I find it really fun so. :3 Let's just hope they come after exams...

fffff have to finish my contest icons soon. ryo's the only one who's already submitted; chinen, yamapi, maru and tsuyoshi still have to submit. we have until monday, though, so s'cool, and I know what I'm doing now (hopefully) so. :D


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