Jun. 23rd, 2009

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and on the dark side of the sun
everything sleeps.

there is no fear.
there is no sadness.

good night, good night.
the sunspots murmur their lullabies.

lol, this is why I shouldn't write poetry. XD

In totally different news, it looks like Suju won't be a full thirteen during Super Show II. ;___; wtf kibum how could youuuuu. also, frjglfjdk BEIJING DATES, COME OUT SOON PLEASE D: D: D: I need to organize when I'm going to Shanghai and Shenzhen around those ;;;

Still waiting on the Helios and Gene heads... They should've been shipped monday-ish so I'm hoping they'll get here soon. ;A; /crosses fingers Honestly, though, if there's another delay I'm just going to ask for a refund and buy a Luts Harmony instead because Harmony is made out of all kinds of gorgeous this is just getting really ridiculous.

Did everyone that I asked for heat actually send theirs my way or something? my room is, like, boiling compared to the rest of the house now. XD


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