Jul. 20th, 2009

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Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

Pick your artist: KAT-TUN )
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I just asked my dad and we're coming back from China on the 23rd not the end of the month as usual so YES FANEX HERE I COME! frlgjfkgjjfh if I work fast I can get Shana done in time and if I'm lucky I can remake Naoto too. :D :D :D Worst comes to worst, I'll just fall back on Konata (again) lmao. [livejournal.com profile] atenishinai, this means that we can record at the end of August instead of doing it all now (!!!)~

Who saw Ueda's new hair? hrlgkflgjflgjhkfjg it makes me flail inside a lot. /// He's so pretty ;o;

Anyways, added the userpic I'm using now just...now. :D I hadn't gotten around to iconing photos from my last shoot with Astatine and Cider 'cause I don't like fiddling with greens but I decided it was about time that I had an icon on DoA. Unfortunately, the limit there is 19.95 kb and the compression was horrible so I uploaded an old, shitty icon from a Volks photo of MSD SwD Yui instead orz. Either way, that made my 15th userpic so I guess I should get around to emailing je_battle with my prize choice...6 months' paid LJ aw yeeee.

F-list, any of you ever made 1000 paper cranes before? I'm trying to figure out how to store them, I bought paper yesterday and I want to start soon. ;;; I was thinking of threading them into large strings and hanging them from like my ceiling or something after I was all done...

I'm gonna give Vodka a faceup (finally) soon, I really want to take photos of her. ;o; Quantum needs...well, preferably a body that I don't have to fight with hrlgfkghfjg but I'll settle for new clothes. :3 I need to sand down his neck soon. I was considering modding Vodka's nose because it's so hrlgkfjg SKI JUMP on you but...idk, it grows on you? I'll get a Shoyo head this summer and see if I can mod it to sleeping, it would be so gorgeous. ;~;
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Playing the first .hack//G.U. game and god I'd forgotten why I love this project so frigging much. The music, the storyline, the characters... honestly, if I knew how to code I'd make an OS based off of Altimit Mine. /// The in-game interface is so nice...

O-oh gosh, .hack//LINK for the PSP. ;~; I wasn't going to get one after all because I want a PS3 for P5 and FFXIII but frlgkfjghdkg .hack ;~; It's the last game in the series, though...it'll be sad to see G.U. end. Practically EVERYONE's in the game at some point though! It's gonna be awesome. And the main's name is Tokio hahahahrlgjkfhgjfg.

hrlgkkgjfjjg I want to cosplay Saku someday D:

Why don't I have a tag for video games yet...?


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