Aug. 16th, 2009

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Today is Vodka Astatine's birthday. :D
It's been exactly one year since I first got her and oddly enough, she hasn't changed that much. It feels like I'm still getting to know her, but I don't think I could ever sell her either. <3

Man, her full name feels so...unwieldy now. /D I almost never refer to her as Astatine, oddly enough. I guess when I first got her, her image was a little different - not as feminine, maybe. I'll rename Quantum some day, idk I don't like his name very much. Um...I got Suzaku and Lelouch (there I said their names don't laugh at me ;___;) their eyes the other day. It's impossible to find eyes in the right shade of violet though :C I looked for that medium blue in 16mm but all they had was dark blue, ridic. light blue, which I already have, and periwinkle blind eyes. ...I got dark blue ones and the periwinkle ones anyways, because I want blue eyes and I actually really like the look of blind eyes too. /D;

fffff okay decided to go with the Naoya ending in SMT: DS. (was I even considering anything else? /D;;) I love Naoya's expressions, even if his smiles are creepy as fuck (NEED SPRITES FOR CREEPY GRIN NOW OMG). Angry expression too oh god yes. <3 I need fanart of MC looking bored in a throne with a cute little crown and Naoya somewhere near or something because damn, uh, well. Naoya. :D (Sonia, day 5. It's worth beating Naoya's little game. Equip the MC with Nalagiri: he has double up as a racial skill, it's a lifesaver.)


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