Aug. 26th, 2009

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i'd like to give you all the stars in the sky
all the stars in the sky, and maybe the moon too
because there is nothing else (of mine)
that I could think to give to you.

jesus fuck I am reading akame right now and it is possibly the best writing I have ever read since I stopped reading khearts fic. hrlgkldsjglskd WHY CAN I NOT WRITE PRETTY FIC ANYMORE. ;____; fuck what the fandom wants (hey, what does the fandom want anyways?), I'll write what I want and if that fucking ends up being attempted-pretty-angsty-akameda THEN SO BE IT. /D /D /D /D /D /D I wish I was still doujin!worthy. :C ah, those joys of being in a fandom filled with thirteen year olds--wait.

this post brought to you by too much porn!fic and rec lists at about the time period of 2-6.30am in the morning. :D
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Jesus fucking christ, I thought that before my cough was like coughing out a lung every two seconds.

Now it's like trying to fucking cough out a lung every two seconds but not being able to and it hurts like a fucking bitch and I just almost fucking dry-heaved about two minutes ago (and two minutes before that, and two minutes before that, etc. etc. etc.) this shit ain't right. WHY HAVE YOU FUCKING TAKEN AWAY MY ABILITY TO COUGH IN A MANNER THAT MAKES MY THROAT NOT!ITCHY FOR TWO SECONDS TOO, GOD? :C :C :C

I'd rather have the fever. ): Or that nice SixH. top I saw on DS the other day, but I'm not picky.
on the plus side, after this cough is over, I should have awesome ab muscles or some shit from all those violent coughing fits. :D

no, I'm probably not going to shut up anytime soon. /D

Fuck yeah round numbers?


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