Sep. 13th, 2009

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1- Post in this entry saying "ICONS!" and I'll pick 6 of your icons that I like.
2- Post in your journal telling why you like those icons.

[ profile] harukakamiya picked these:

Pretty CLAMP art, Suzaku and Lelouch, a texture from one of my favourite texture makers ([ profile] vintagesol, just fyi - the text, not the lights) - what else do you need? I don't like the colouring so much anymore, but OH MOTHERFUCKING HELL I JUST REMEMBERED I HAVEN'T SUBMITTED FOR [ profile] cg_lims YET. Either way, I thought it was pretty when I made it and CG is fucking awesome. :D

This is, unfortunately, the only goddamn photo I have of my Konata Izumi (Lucky Star) cosplay from AN09. There's more, I just have no idea where they are (I've searched. So much. :C) Um, either way, I wanted an icon of me that I could use. Or something. Idk, I don't look like crap in it, and I was totally doing a thumbs up but I cropped it out orz. The background looks like shit because I got lazy halfway through clonestamping the guy behind me out.

Astatine-chan~ She looks a lot different now, but I love her so much. n___n I want to do a better shoot with her someday, probably indoors, because I hate iconing shit with grass in it. I...don't really like working with greens orz.

Naoto from P4! Fuck, I love her. This is technically one of the sprites of her Shadow, but her Shadow has like the best expressions ever (along with Yosuke's and Adachi's and uh yeah that's it). This is the icon I use for "oh god eye bleach please" or "oh my god why" or "fucking idiot" posts that I see, although Yosuke's "D:" kind of fit better. But I love Naoto. She's my height. And awesome. And I love her hat. And I should remake my Naoto costume so it's not shitty soon.

One of my favourites! I submitted it for week...078 of [ profile] je_awards and was lucky enough to win first with it. This is a slightly tweaked version~ It's a shop photo of Jin from LIPS and I love that PV so hard and the light textures just kinda fit on the image and idk. It turned out well. :D

Nino~ Um, Aiba's my favourite again now, but I love the Truth PV and song and this is the closest thing to a facepalm that I can find in my icon folder. Was, at least - maybe I have something new?

[Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: For those who are guessing -- looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game, post your own.]

1. T-I-M-E to party, feeling free with my hat brim low, and my hoodie up
2. Deaeta kiseki ni donna ketten mo imi nai yo kimi wa sono mama ga ichiban - [ profile] atenishinai
3. I hate it when a guy doesn't get the door, even though I told him yesterday and the day before - [ profile] akira_amie_yuki
4. I never understand waka sugita no sa yasashisa dake ja aisenai kara - [ profile] drphoenix
5. Ame no mukou e kaze no mukou e - [ profile] atenishinai, [ profile] akira_amie_yuki
6. Dore dake aruitekitan darou furimuitara namida no ato
7. Ben pao ying zhe feng lang wu dao - [ profile] jumper_on
8. Meng zhong de tian shi lai jiang lin - [ profile] akira_amie_yuki
9. The colourless words are burning our heels as the bright lights of the city fade
10. Love~ oh baby, my girl - [ profile] jumper_on
11. All or nothing, now or never, we can make it happen we can make it alright - [ profile] atenishinai
12. Mizu no nakai, yoru ga yureteru kanashii ii houdou, shizuka ni tadazumu
13. J Johnny's U ultra M music P power - [ profile] atenishinai, [ profile] akira_amie_yuki
14. Ich halt mich wach für dich - [ profile] melodystardust
15. Sa yume mimashou suteki na koto - [ profile] atenishinai, [ profile] akira_amie_yuki
16. Made in heaven, I'm your creation - [ profile] melodystardust
17. Giri giri de itsumo ikite itai kara - [ profile] atenishinai
18. Toki no nai sonzai wo koko niiru to arata na tabi ima ga hajimaru
19. Wagamama ittetakedo kokonara You know Baby ibasho ga attashi - [ profile] drphoenix
20. Friends, I have to tell you, they sent me on a mission down to earth
21. In you and I, there's a new land
22. Boy we've had a real good time, and I wish you the best on your way - [ profile] melodystardust
23. Jetzt sind wir wieder, bei den oben auf'm Dach
24. Denwa nari tsuzuketa ie wo nukedashitetara - [ profile] drphoenix
25. Do you remember the days, as the time goes by?

grlgjjfkds half of these are probably so obvious. the other half are probably wtf_is_this. good luck! yes, I know I've done this one on FB before lol
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SJ-M's new mini album title song will be released on the 14th (today) in Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and others.

SJ-M's new mini album title song's MV was finished on the 8th at a studio at Gyeonggi-do. Cho SooHyun, the dircetor of this MV also directed DBSK's Mirotic, Super Junior, SNSD and other popular groups' MVs. He used clever filming techniques to show the suave SJ-M's new image.

Other than that, using the theme of "Home Party" while filming this MV, from a blank model student to the main role of the party, Han Geng and the other members of SJ-M will be using different charms to attract people's attention, which makes the fans really excited.


ew, school tomorrow. gym first so grosssss. :C


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