Sep. 16th, 2009

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[ profile] drphoenix, the zip I promised you will come tomorrow! sorry about the delay. ;;;

1. Interview today went...okay? I'm honestly not sure if it went well or not at all. "Since you don't have much (read: ANY) experience with Show, how would you make up for it?" "Well, um, I'd talk to people with experience and see what I can learn from them, and, um, WELL I'D JUST WORK REALLY HARD. :D;" Results will probably either come out tomorrow or Friday OH GOD CROSSING FINGERS WISH ME LUCK PRZ

2. I got home at 6.45, band starts at 7. It takes me fifteen minutes to get from my house to the legion...yeah, guess who was late and NOT in uniform like she was supposed to be! :D; We got another clarinet, but for some reason idk I've still got the melody parts? Either way, half our members don't show up half the time, so, uh, me and Strelley are basically...carrying...the band. music wise. this is great, especially since I've been playing the clarinet FOR LESS THAN A YEAR AND NEVER LEARNED HOW TO PLAY ANYTHING ABOVE AN A UNTIL A WEEK AGO ehuehueheuhfkladgjt409itweofkdls wtf.

3. 10, 229 words! Aaaaaand I'm nowhere near done. I still need to finish the ending, which is already >3000 words when I was expecting 2000 and do some middle bits... spare tomorrow before chem, I'll try and do it then. Or I'll just finish niini. /D

4. Senior Chamber Strings tomorrow! oh god, I'm nervous~ I haven't played the violin in a while. ;;; I'm taking my own, so I'll tune it up a bit tonight. I miss it~ I should give it a name. Any suggestions? :D;

& oh yeah, I love this icon.


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