Oct. 4th, 2009

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1. Went to watch NGE 1.0 yesterday in theaters and was late because my dad was an idiot. /D;; IT WAS SO AWESOME THOUGH! I really hope 2.0 is going to be in theaters too. *_____*

2. Went to Q's birthday party after 1.0 and ended up staying there for like eight hours lol. It was really fun! :D I scraped my elbow on the trampoline though orz and then later I rugburned it because Loki wouldn't give me more room on the couch. ): Looking at it today it's pretty much almost all healed though~ Kicked Sonia's ass a few times in 358/2 days too. /D Failed at the one I did with dwon and Sonia though. ):

3. Watched The Invention of Lying with Adam today <3, it was so funny~ ...ah, wait, does that count as a date?

4. BLOODY MONDAY 2 IS STILL ON THE WINTER DRAMA RUMOUR LIST! :D :D :D :D ...I'm still mourning for the Pin drama though. ;____;

5. Leaving on a school trip tomorrow, so I won't be back until like wednesday evening haha. no internet ;A; my flist is gonna get flooded ;____;


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