Oct. 22nd, 2009

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1. Apparently I got a minor concussion yesterday. I DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO BE CONCUSSED. D: it only really bothers me if I lean down so I'll, uh, just not lean down. this is probably why I have as many random pains as I do.

right knee is bruised from MA, left is bruised because mkim managed to somehow throw a frisbee STRAIGHT AT MY KNEE. there is a nice oval shaped bruise there right now.

2. The audition routine for martial arts has a tornado kick in it, and everyone's pretty much like WTF HOW DO YOU EXPECT US TO DO IT FOR AUDITION? I practiced a lot though so, um, I think I kind of have it now. For the most part. My legs are sore now, though. /D;; I know the entire routine so I should start trying to fit it to music, I guess...clement can barely do it to the music so we're all kind of, um, fucked. a lot of people didn't show up to the first two practices so I think I might have a good chance of getting in. I hope. :/

3. We made methyl butanoate in the chem lab today and it smelled like sharpie mixed with sweaty feet. apparently it's supposed to smell like apple and banana. idg chem.

4. eight episodes into Gundam 00~ not bad for a day. n___n

5. okay photos of the baby dress~ I'm lazy so have one of the front only. /D photos will come of me in it after I find a proper petti, or something, I guess. ;;;


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