Oct. 23rd, 2009

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1. ewwww pimple on my chin D: time to break out the foundation for tomorrow ;___;

2. so we had a field trip to the Toronto International Art Festival this afternoon for, well, art. We had to fill out this sheet but I'm sick and still a little concussed so I did my sketches and stuff really quickly and stuck with Jerome for the afternoon and then we left at three to go home lmao. It was~ okay. Went to the fabric store across the street to pick up things I'd forgotten yesterday, and then ended up taking the bus home because I'm not walking like 2-3km in cold, windy, rainy weather lol. ffff I wish I lived somewhere warm.

3. "Irina's actually a really good designer. The only problem with her is that she's a bitch." THANK YOU, NICOLAS, THAT IS THE ONLY GOOD THING YOU'VE EVER FUCKING SAID ALL SEASON. fuckkkkkkk I wish Irina would go home JUST BECAUSE SHE'S SUCH. A. FUCKING. BITCH.

4. okay, I'm not even going to lie, I haven't checked my 200-entries-a-day flist for over a week because Gundam00 like, took over the part of my soul reserved for fandom. /D I haven't even finished Darker than Black because I've been watching it orz.

5. I'M ONLY LIKE HALF A MINUTE IN TO LOVELESS AND I CAN ALREADY TELL THAT IT'S GOING TO BE ON MY TOP 25 PLAYED LIST. WHY, PI, WHY IS YOUR CURRENT MUSICAL DIRECTION SO MUCH LIKE WHAT I LIKE IN MUSIC. T____T ffffff I'd better be able to make enough off of these commissions (should be able to, materials alone are like $25-30 each) to buy the single D:

6. I have room for three more userpics 'cause I pruned off some old ones - who/what should I upload userpics of? (JE only prz! u-unless you know my taste in not-JE as well, in which case SUGGEST AWAY.) Or alternatively, suggest a new default because I'm getting bored of Jin's face! :D


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