Nov. 1st, 2009

britannium: (shige ✭ close-up!)
1. ohohohohohoho my ego has totally been stroked. |D;;

2. LJ hasn't been giving me notifs for posts submitted to the moderation queue lately, idk why. it's pissing me off, ngl. :/

3. I'm not really good with figuring out what I want for Christmas but I think this year I'm just going to buy myself a ton of doujin, lmao. I don't really trust my parents to pick out anything for me because last year they gave me Persona 4 for Christmas, which was awesome and all, but I paid for that game. /D I'll ask my dad to get me some Gundam models and figurines when he's in China, I guess~ As disappointing as I think 00's Gundams were (WHY SO PLAIN, EXIA D: & why so fug, Virtue?), I still kind of want all four. *___* Also I've heard the ass on the Lockon figurine is quiet remarkable. EDIT: Visual proof exists!

5. I was digging through some boxes in the basement and found this snazzy pair of minature purple-lensed round-framed glasses! They're too big for Reon or Vodka, so right now they're sitting on emoface's head. I also found tiny little gold forks strung on a paperclip, that was pretty odd.


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