Nov. 8th, 2009

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Thank you so much <3 <3 <3!!! to everyone who gave me stories! *_____* I'm still pretty behind, but I-I'll try my best to turn them into something equally as awesome~ :D :D :D

so I downloaded a ton of di[e]ce raws instead of doing nano / ground school / reading pandora hearts. /D WHY DO THEY ALL HAVE TO LOOK THE FUCKING SAME AHHHHHH. Reading di[e]ce is like the most mindfucked you can ever get in terms of manga, lol. I need to take a proper look at the raws soon instead of just skimming the pictures. ;;; for christmas I practically demand gara/haruki porn fic now. *g*

yuletide09: dolls, bloody monday (drama), howl's moving castle (movie), hack--gu, Persona 3, Persona 4, Zombie-Loan - idk I think I can do this. *____* I could write Nobuta wo Produce, Kuroshitsuji and TWEWY if I needed to but I only need to list three fandoms~, so I think I'll just list the first three. mmmph dolls fic, do want. *____*
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Laptop-san is pretty much splitting in half atm (the monitor's a little disconnected at the hinge) so my dad's taking it into the McMaster Apple retailer tomorrow to see what can be done. Knowing Apple, though, the answer will be nothing. D: Time to go back up everything (and export my Nano to a word document - goodbye, handy text blocks T____T), I guess. ;____;

...although I guess this means I can finally get a desktop with Windows 7. /D But still, this is kind of inconvenient, especially because Nano's this month and this is the only computer I have. :/

I tried reading Pandora Hearts last night and I got bored within about five pages. D: PH's main-character-kun just isn't my type (anymore). ///


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