Nov. 30th, 2009

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"This is what we're looking for," Ueda says excitedly. "Maybe we'll be able to find out what happened here."

The good thing about Odeon is that the government forces all the libraries across the wall to use some sort of weird new system that lets me sort ot all this stuff.

"Yeah, but his stuff works!"

"What makes you sense that I'm going to take time off of my important work to take you to some sort of weird ass freakshow (Oz didn't want to see that,

DID I JUST SWITCH FANDOMS IN THE MIDDLE OF WRITING THIS SHIT? holy crap I must be tired, I went from J-pop to Pandora Hearts. I don't know what half of that was; I don't even remember writing half of that. >_____o

oshi- it happened again!

Ryo laughs. "I didn't know you were so passionate about literature," he jokes. "Mr. Mysterious Traveler."

And Ueda will promise back to me, which is sad. He left me a bar of Puccho or the Ramune candies that I sometimes eat

what the fuck was I thinking, seriously?!


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