Dec. 24th, 2009

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Merry Christmas, everyone! ♥
It's late Christmas eve, so I guess that's a good balance between this side of the world and the next. I love you all so much~ icons will be up tomorrow, because my timezone is on the later side of things and I'm selfish like that. |D;

[ profile] kinomi_akai came over on tuesday! she slept over too~, so that means she left yesterday afternoon. n___n it was really nice seeing her again! ♥

lolk funny story - I was trying to find a font that looks like the font that scanslators use, so I downloaded a .rar of comic-y fonts off megaupload. turns out there were 343 different fonts in there. I tried loading them all, while forgetting that fontbook makes you install them all separately...

...yeah, I crashed fontbook. /D

lately it feels like I've been reading a lot of manga. :/ it's probably true - on tuesday, Kuroshitsuji 40, Pandora Hearts 44, and the next Zombie Loan volume were all uploaded on onemanga, and then yesterday Karneval 17 was uploaded and I also read Are You Alice? (weird, but decent) and Monochrome Factor (also decent, but the anime sucks).

and, um, well, I'm getting somewhere! hnng yasha art is so pretty. ;A;

EDIT: last week at ground school we had an interesting discussion ♥ while taking up nav, we decided that Santa travels a rhumb line route (it's a line that intersects all the meridians it crosses at the same angle - it's sort of a spiral over the entire earth if you follow one long enough) and goes Mach 5. It's totally true okay 8D


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