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I cut my nails super short yesterday because I had a wrestling tournament today and now it's driving me crazy because my scalp is really itchy but I can't scratch it very well. D: My scalp is always itchy after a shower, and idk why - it's not my shampoo, because I use different ones depending on when/where so. :/

It was quite, um, interesting. I was ~responsible~ and brought a truckton of food, which was a good thing because nobody else did except Vector (but her food was like...twenty apples idk) and when you're in a tournament you end up snacking a lot. >____>

Anyways, so we go there and because of traffic we're kind of late and it was like a 2 hour bus drive orz. We go, check out the draw sheets to find out who's up when name isn't on any of them. So I'm kind of like "oh fuck hm maybe they haven't put it up yet?" because I'm 41kg and the lowest girls' class they had up was 49kg (which, btw, is not actually a weight class >[). I also went and checked boys' 39 and boys 48 in case they made a luck there. So I'm a little worried but Coach is all like "don't worry about that go get changed and warm up we're in a hurry", so I went and warmed up and then...sat around and waited.

I had no idea when my potential bout would be because I WASN'T ON ANY OF THEIR LISTS D: so everytime I saw all the girls getting ready for their bouts I had to go down, re-warm up again, and wait just in case and then go back up. Total waste of time. T____T I paid $12 for that tournament (bus and entry fee) and by the end of it I really wanted a refund because, well, I'd just spent like four hours there doing nothing. :/

By the end Coach was like "Don't worry, we'll find you someone to wrestle /Db" but it was such a tiny tournament that the lightest girls were all in 47.5 'cept me. And most of them were from our school anyways because we're Asian. So then he was like "okay you know what go wrestle Julia from our school." and I was like "uhhhhh I could've just done that at school WHY AM I HERE T_____T" so I got really pissed off (and won :Db).

I probably could've ended the match sooner because I had her down on her back really soon because she tried to throw and failed, but idk the ref called us back to the center and said something about how I "need at least nine"? I had no idea what she was talking about though so I just went back at it because I was still really pissed off orz. No idea how I managed to keep her down the second time, because I'm actually really bad at this so I just kind of stayed there and took a break until she gave up. Life is good right now, but I still want my money back. >___>;
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