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OW OW OW I am in pain. D: I sprained an ankle today during my last match; I should be glad it was my last match and not my first, lmao. Uhhh so yeah it was okay-ish before but now I can, um, barely walk. And it sort of feels...crunchy when I do. I also skinned a knee and still have that sprained toe but in comparison those don't hurt at all anymore. XD; I don't want to have to walk on this at all, so my dad is dropping me off at school 1.5 hrs early orz. ;;;

I...also lost my hard drive, or somehow misplaced it and I'm not quite sure how or when or where. It really worries me, because I have like 30gb+ of anime on there, several gigs of drama AND ALL MY DOUJIN AND ALL MY SCANS aughhhhhhhhhhhh this is really worrying. D: I'd really like it back, esp. because I have a ton of photos from concerts and parties and camps and stuff that I really, really want back 'cause right now the only photos I have are like, the six on my wall from aerospace... ah, [ profile] drphoenix , I guess that means that until I get it back I won't be able to upload 00 at all ;;;

I...will reply to all your comments on 220 tomorrow, I promise! ♥

the distance between the two of you has grown larger, gotten somewhat scary-like but you don't do anything about it, don't try and search for the courage to narrow it down because you are in love with the boy who is meant for the world; the boy who is (not) in love with the world (anymore).
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