Dec. 20th, 2009

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yesterday I went to see the Olympic torch! It came through downtown Oakville (hurr now you know where I live) yesterday on Lakeshore and since I live like, practically on Lakeshore (passed the corner of Lakeshore and my street, lol) I went to go see it. It was cold, but still awesome. 8D

I started reading Naked Ape's Black Tar (also known as Yasha? idk which one's the official title...)~ Dragon Voice started scanslating it, so I dled the first chapter and didn't touch it for a while. It's actually really interesting! And naked ape's art is gorgeous as usual. n___n I really recommend reading it! It's not up on mangafox or onemanga, so you'll have to dl it off of (projects > yasha), and there's only one chapter out so far but it looks really good~

ohohohoho finally finished. the coloured version's been sitting in my in progress folder for a while waiting to finally be iconized... I lost pretty much like, all my raw manga (I have a volume of di[e]ce but that's it) so I doubt I'll be doing much colouring for a bit. ): I still have some random pages saved in a folder, though, so maybe that'll be enough for now? either way, I hope I'm improving when it comes to coloured stuff. XD;

[ profile] countervalue, you still owe me vincent pics! if you don't get me them soon you won't be getting icons in time for christmas >: or if you do, then it'll be out of my vincent linearts and you know gil's my favourite. XD; here, have some ~*~incentive~*~ (ugh I can't colour hair)

EDIT: lol hopefully better version is better. ///


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