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Merry Christmas, everyone! ♥
It's late Christmas eve, so I guess that's a good balance between this side of the world and the next. I love you all so much~ icons will be up tomorrow, because my timezone is on the later side of things and I'm selfish like that. |D;

[ profile] kinomi_akai came over on tuesday! she slept over too~, so that means she left yesterday afternoon. n___n it was really nice seeing her again! ♥

lolk funny story - I was trying to find a font that looks like the font that scanslators use, so I downloaded a .rar of comic-y fonts off megaupload. turns out there were 343 different fonts in there. I tried loading them all, while forgetting that fontbook makes you install them all separately...

...yeah, I crashed fontbook. /D

lately it feels like I've been reading a lot of manga. :/ it's probably true - on tuesday, Kuroshitsuji 40, Pandora Hearts 44, and the next Zombie Loan volume were all uploaded on onemanga, and then yesterday Karneval 17 was uploaded and I also read Are You Alice? (weird, but decent) and Monochrome Factor (also decent, but the anime sucks).

and, um, well, I'm getting somewhere! hnng yasha art is so pretty. ;A;

EDIT: last week at ground school we had an interesting discussion ♥ while taking up nav, we decided that Santa travels a rhumb line route (it's a line that intersects all the meridians it crosses at the same angle - it's sort of a spiral over the entire earth if you follow one long enough) and goes Mach 5. It's totally true okay 8D
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lol k went from this (lineart was some random thing I found on pixiv orz) to:

PS, maybe six or so hours? did it on a laptop with a touchpad so it isn't that great. -____-" oh well, practice makes perfect~ ...and carpal tunnel. hnnng I need to get better at colouring hair. D: well, I did his hair in less than half an hour so hopefully [ profile] 100zerosum won't be too hard on my wrists. *___*
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yesterday I went to see the Olympic torch! It came through downtown Oakville (hurr now you know where I live) yesterday on Lakeshore and since I live like, practically on Lakeshore (passed the corner of Lakeshore and my street, lol) I went to go see it. It was cold, but still awesome. 8D

I started reading Naked Ape's Black Tar (also known as Yasha? idk which one's the official title...)~ Dragon Voice started scanslating it, so I dled the first chapter and didn't touch it for a while. It's actually really interesting! And naked ape's art is gorgeous as usual. n___n I really recommend reading it! It's not up on mangafox or onemanga, so you'll have to dl it off of (projects > yasha), and there's only one chapter out so far but it looks really good~

ohohohoho finally finished. the coloured version's been sitting in my in progress folder for a while waiting to finally be iconized... I lost pretty much like, all my raw manga (I have a volume of di[e]ce but that's it) so I doubt I'll be doing much colouring for a bit. ): I still have some random pages saved in a folder, though, so maybe that'll be enough for now? either way, I hope I'm improving when it comes to coloured stuff. XD;

[ profile] countervalue, you still owe me vincent pics! if you don't get me them soon you won't be getting icons in time for christmas >: or if you do, then it'll be out of my vincent linearts and you know gil's my favourite. XD; here, have some ~*~incentive~*~ (ugh I can't colour hair)

EDIT: lol hopefully better version is better. ///
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Christmas breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! Now begins two straight weeks of costuming, studying and a bit of video games. Woohoo? XD;


aLi | kMcKenna | fGeaman | aWaitzer
aZhou | bLevy | nNgo | jMin

Anya | Ciel wig | SEALANDO
Hungary | Finland

jesus christ looks like at this rate I'll be stuck doing cosplay shit all during the march break too... thank god I don't have to do props too.

listened to one of the Haruka3 drama CDs and I, um, can understand most everything that's going on. I've never taken a Japanese lesson in my life. I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed... but hey, Masaomi's voice actor is also Lockon Stratos so I'm not complaining. 8D;
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ahahahahahaahaha the school laptop I'm on right now has fanart of Sho Minamimoto as the background.

haruka3 ova in an hour~
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I wasted Sunday playing Genji: Dawn of the Samurai (PS2). /D;; but omg, I am like, in love with this game now. *___* I've been wanting to play it for a while but it's rated M for blood (when you get hit you leave bloodstains behind; it's glorious~) and the EB games at the malls ID (this is how I barely got Persona 4...), however the Game Stop near my school does not. :DDD The copy I have is a used copy that I got for like $10 lmao, so if it ended up sucking I wouldn't really mind. *___*

But it doesn't suck. *___* Yoshitsune-dono~ He's so awesome. *g*

Funny story - while hunting for Genji fanart on Pixiv I came across this guy orz. I didn't know who he was other than, um, another Minamoto Yoshitsune of some sort so I asked on /cm/ and found out he's from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3.

So, um, guess what I'm torrenting right now. /D;;

am now sick. ):
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Someone should totally write me Shige/Stephanie, because she is pretty cute and has a pretty good voice and they both go to Aoyama Law School and their birthdays are less than one month apart and idek! :DDD; But yeah seriously this is probably the most cracky pairing I've ever come up with ( least in JE, I guess) but goddamn I would totally read it if it ever existed.

also, I can totally imagine Ryo singing Friends (first yt link) but that's probably just me. /D

On a totally different note, apparently Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru went on a trip to New York together. ♥ They're so cute together! *___*

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OW OW OW I am in pain. D: I sprained an ankle today during my last match; I should be glad it was my last match and not my first, lmao. Uhhh so yeah it was okay-ish before but now I can, um, barely walk. And it sort of feels...crunchy when I do. I also skinned a knee and still have that sprained toe but in comparison those don't hurt at all anymore. XD; I don't want to have to walk on this at all, so my dad is dropping me off at school 1.5 hrs early orz. ;;;

I...also lost my hard drive, or somehow misplaced it and I'm not quite sure how or when or where. It really worries me, because I have like 30gb+ of anime on there, several gigs of drama AND ALL MY DOUJIN AND ALL MY SCANS aughhhhhhhhhhhh this is really worrying. D: I'd really like it back, esp. because I have a ton of photos from concerts and parties and camps and stuff that I really, really want back 'cause right now the only photos I have are like, the six on my wall from aerospace... ah, [ profile] drphoenix , I guess that means that until I get it back I won't be able to upload 00 at all ;;;

I...will reply to all your comments on 220 tomorrow, I promise! ♥

the distance between the two of you has grown larger, gotten somewhat scary-like but you don't do anything about it, don't try and search for the courage to narrow it down because you are in love with the boy who is meant for the world; the boy who is (not) in love with the world (anymore).
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"This is what we're looking for," Ueda says excitedly. "Maybe we'll be able to find out what happened here."

The good thing about Odeon is that the government forces all the libraries across the wall to use some sort of weird new system that lets me sort ot all this stuff.

"Yeah, but his stuff works!"

"What makes you sense that I'm going to take time off of my important work to take you to some sort of weird ass freakshow (Oz didn't want to see that,

DID I JUST SWITCH FANDOMS IN THE MIDDLE OF WRITING THIS SHIT? holy crap I must be tired, I went from J-pop to Pandora Hearts. I don't know what half of that was; I don't even remember writing half of that. >_____o

oshi- it happened again!

Ryo laughs. "I didn't know you were so passionate about literature," he jokes. "Mr. Mysterious Traveler."

And Ueda will promise back to me, which is sad. He left me a bar of Puccho or the Ramune candies that I sometimes eat

what the fuck was I thinking, seriously?!
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I cut my nails super short yesterday because I had a wrestling tournament today and now it's driving me crazy because my scalp is really itchy but I can't scratch it very well. D: My scalp is always itchy after a shower, and idk why - it's not my shampoo, because I use different ones depending on when/where so. :/

Speaking of today's tournament... )
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ALSO NEW RUSS-K SPRING COLLECTION. *___* YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? IT MEANS IT'S TIME TO GET NEW SHIRTS and some of the old winter ones that are now on sale /D :D :D :D :D :D Russ-k turned my style into long sleeved shirt / t-shirt over skinny jeans, I'm not even kidding. And maybe the occasional dress, because the Indio summer dresses were reaaaaaaally cute~ I can't wait for their next summer collection, aw and spring have all been monochrome long sleeved shirts and loose shirtdresses D: except for one version of Massu's and Shige's shirts in aw, but those colours were fug. ):

Don't forget to request Christmas graphics! :D :D :D
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Bloody Monday Season 2 confirmed!

It will start airing on 23 January 2010 7.56pm


(Don't forget to request christmas graphics? :D;)
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[ profile] squeeeez says that [ profile] atenishinai will still be in the hospital for maybe a week or so more, possibly. ;____; Hopefully she gets better quicker than that, I miss her ahhhhhhh D: D: D: D:

mmph I have a math test tomorrow that I'm probably not going to be ready for so...brb spending the next 4-5 hours studying and then sleeping. /D

Don't forget to go request graphics for CHristmas if you haven't already! :D;

EDIT: ...holy shit, Dollzone Brant and Cosmos. I have no words. *o***

EDIT II: I'M NOT FAILING SCHOOL! My average is...acceptable, haha. The only subjects I'm doing horrible in are chem and math, phys is acceptable and everything else is A+. I feel so much better, which is also because my dad talked to me about it and not my mom. :D
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I haven't been replying to your guy's comments on my entries lately and I'm really, really, REALLY sorry (and I feel really bad/guilty) about that DDD: I sort of feel scared to, because I don't know what to say in response to some of them and...well, I'm not completely sure I guess. Hopefully I'll get better at that soon! ;;; I have weird inhibitions... /// I should tell you guys the story of how it took me half an hour to ask for my medal at a wrestling tourney last year. /D;;


I want to write all you guys fic but I know that I won't get 'em done anytime near Christmas (think more March Break orz), SO I AM OFFERING ICONS (or other graphics :D) INSTEAD. :D :D :D :D;

Anyways, I'm not quite sure what an appropriate amount is so for now I'm going to say a max of five icons, three banners (FO or otherwise) and one wallpaper per person. :3;;

I'll icon pretty much anything you want me to (quality withstanding) but because I'm a lazy person I'm going to be selfish and insist that you provide images. /D ;; I can probably be prodded into colouring manga lineart too, but...please not everything manga colouring, my hands will never forgive me. T____T If you'd like a banner or wallpaper, please tell me the image size you'd like~ I should also probably say in advance that if you give me a picture with green in it it'll prolly end up blue (lol). ///

So, request away? :D
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[ profile] squeeeez says [ profile] atenishinai is doing okay, which is a huge relief! <3

[ profile] reiband, I FINALLY got the posters you sent me! ;;; THANK YOU SO MUCH <333333333

I'm exhausted... I've done 19 hour days for three days straight because of wrestling practice and homework and shit. D: There was practice again today but that's the fourth practice this week so I just went to martial arts instead ohohohohoho.

...well, at least there's another Lockon thread on /cm. |D

kwl told me that if I could incorporate Gundam into my slam poetry for German class he'd pay me. I told him "it's on, bro". /D

for some reason I hate people who call wallpapers "wallies". am I the only one who feels this way? D:

DOLLS PARTY 22! *___* SDG Nana SWD, SD16 Kira (want fffff) and SDGr Minoru Kawimura holy shit now I really want one (Sorry, Kanata). D: Also why is SD17 Tsukasa Konoe so hot?

jesus christ, I need a life. D:
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hrlgkdlfjkfsajfkasfl;sa /bliss
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Laptop-san is breaking even further. D: I'll be taking it in to an Apple store sometime this week but for now I think I'll just, um, leave it at home.

I really hope it can be fixed. D:
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in flander's fields, the poppies blow
between the crosses, row on row
that mark our place; and in the sky
the larks, still bravely singing, fly
scarce heard amid the guns below.

we are the Dead. short days ago
we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow
loved and were loved, and now we lie
in flander's fields.

take up our quarrel with the foe:
to you from failing hands we throw
the torch; be yours to hold it high.
if ye break faith with us who die
we shall not sleep, though poppies grow
in Flanders fields.

2. I had another Remembrance Day parade today - we had the dress whites (but no rifles orz) so we did three-man flag party. which meant standing outside for over two hours without a jacket on. if I ever do that again I'm wearing a shirt underneath the dress shirt. /D we were stuck behind the coast guard auxiliary so, um, we couldn't see anything orz.

Tryouts in an hour or for flag party, I have better drill than C (and am more liked, lmao) so I'm pretty much guaranteed the spot. >___>;

3. [ profile] koimei, I got your letter yesterday! *___* You have such cute stationary~ I'm writing back to you, so please expect a letter sometime (not so) soon (damn postal service)~

4. I went to the dentist today to get a filling and they ended up sort of smoothing out the chip in my front now one is shorter than the other and I kind of feel like an idiot. -___-" I hate it when you go and then after you leave it feels like something's peeling on the back of your tooth. :/

5. Vaguely appropriate icon is vaguely appropriate. /D
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Laptop-san is pretty much splitting in half atm (the monitor's a little disconnected at the hinge) so my dad's taking it into the McMaster Apple retailer tomorrow to see what can be done. Knowing Apple, though, the answer will be nothing. D: Time to go back up everything (and export my Nano to a word document - goodbye, handy text blocks T____T), I guess. ;____;

...although I guess this means I can finally get a desktop with Windows 7. /D But still, this is kind of inconvenient, especially because Nano's this month and this is the only computer I have. :/

I tried reading Pandora Hearts last night and I got bored within about five pages. D: PH's main-character-kun just isn't my type (anymore). ///
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Thank you so much <3 <3 <3!!! to everyone who gave me stories! *_____* I'm still pretty behind, but I-I'll try my best to turn them into something equally as awesome~ :D :D :D

so I downloaded a ton of di[e]ce raws instead of doing nano / ground school / reading pandora hearts. /D WHY DO THEY ALL HAVE TO LOOK THE FUCKING SAME AHHHHHH. Reading di[e]ce is like the most mindfucked you can ever get in terms of manga, lol. I need to take a proper look at the raws soon instead of just skimming the pictures. ;;; for christmas I practically demand gara/haruki porn fic now. *g*

yuletide09: dolls, bloody monday (drama), howl's moving castle (movie), hack--gu, Persona 3, Persona 4, Zombie-Loan - idk I think I can do this. *____* I could write Nobuta wo Produce, Kuroshitsuji and TWEWY if I needed to but I only need to list three fandoms~, so I think I'll just list the first three. mmmph dolls fic, do want. *____*