Mar. 26th, 2009

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Hi my names Caylee but u can all call me Suka(actually spelled tsuka but i leave out the "T")
I went to my first con last year but have been an avid anime fan since i was 'iddy~bidy' watching the powerpuff girls and DBZ. ^___^*shine* but i didnt really try this year and i got two cosplays to do.

Lelouch from Code Geass as Zero
Ritsuka Aoyagi from LOVELESS its a shot from the manga ill get pics.

aye but other than that when i see fabric terminology i wanna cry my brain goes into overdrive and crashes in a heap of burning twisted metal.

THAT and cosplay in general like wigs and stuff, I have big dreams i wanna try a shot at booth modeling when im older but i also want the skillz to do epically amazing costumes.
(>'3')> help me oh great cosplay gods. T_T *tears of passion*

I wanted to cry reading this, I really did. D:

ffffffff I started actually sewing my own costumes when I was like, thirteen! did you hear me complaining about how I don't understand fabric terminology?! (well, I wasn't active on LJ until late 2008 BUT STILL I DIDN'T COMPLAIN). and this girl wants to pull off Lelouch?!

also, speaking of sewing, probably gonna go out and buy a machine friday night. \D


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