Mar. 28th, 2009

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Finished an icontest entry, it turned out really well! I'm really happy with it. C:

Ffffffffffffffff I gotta stop making my huge writing projects super sad. Haven't got a lot of it figured out orz, but the suju one has something to do with forgetting memories and the news one is... Hard to explain. |D;;; summaries are as follows, respectively:

Forgetting is slowly, slowly losing everything you once knew (and [name], ironically, knows he'll always remember).

One hot summer morning, as the flowers bloom and the sun rises, [name] begins to regret.

First one still needs work imo... Ah, but there's still time so I'm good for now. I'll try my best to make something worth reading! *nods*
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I checked today, and I have over five thousand icon textures on my computer. |D;;; it's funny, though--even with so many, I always end up only using a distinct few most of the time. D: Usually ones by either discolore, yunhe, dodoki or azuremonkey. I should probably go through and get rid of ones I probably won't ever use.

Lately, I've been really into using tiny text on my icons (see userpic :D). Exceptttttt I can't really find many to my liking, so all I've really been using is a set called 'love letters' by ghost_factory. I downloaded some new texture packs today, so sometime I'll give those a try. C:

I hate keeping up with the credit list on [ profile] mintstars because I can never remember who I put there and who I didn't and I'm always too lazy to log out haha. D:

Going to meet with [ profile] beijingfryrice at pacific mall today, I'm excited! :D I get all my JE magazines, yaaaaaaaay n_____n
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Chapter 49 raws of Dolls are up.

The last scanslated chapter was 14.


fuck, I swear to god the only reason why I learn Japanese is so I can read this fucking series because I am too damn impatient to wait for scans (Entropy, I love you anyways! \o/) because it's awesome. D:

also fffffffff in pain right now. D: not my thumb or wrists or knee or anything like that this time, but my fucking boob is like throbbing or something what the fuckkkkkkkk. ;____;

goddamnit, Iplehouse Ryan do want. D: Might switch Kota from an F-16 to a Ryan, because frig it's gorgeous and I can't really trust Volks molds yet considering I've never really seen one in person (well, I have, but they were both limited and we all know that their limiteds > their standards...). We'll see what happens after July, I'm getting an MSD F-18 (most likely? \D) at the LA Sumika. also fffff I want to buy one of their lucky dip bags again, but after the shipping fiasco that happened last time (FUCK YOU, UPS) I don't want to go through it all again. (The wigs were worth it though! Vodka's wearing one right now, and Quantum wears one from time to time. :D)

Which reminds me, need to pick outfits for Tsuya and Kani.
fffff I'm gonna be so broke. D:

Keeping this as a reference for the f-18, ignore unless it's relevant to your interests. \D

Size: MSD
Skintone: normal
Mold: F-18
Wig: W-117, 100 (white) or 33t (peach pink) (also a W-104C natural and a W-111C natural gold)
Eyes: GE-22, deep sea blue
Eyelashes: EL-04, dark brown
Make-up: M-04 (see notes below!)
Body: B-04 (msd girl small bust, suwarikko body)
Hands: H-02 (maybe buy a pair of H-01 too?)
Legs: L-03 (suwarikko legs)
Feet: normal

m-04 info )


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