Sep. 17th, 2009

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1. For some reason I'm still organizing my posts into numbered topics? I guess it just helps me organize my thoughts better...

2. [ profile] drphoenix, here you go! I seem to be missing #s 7, 21, 28, and 32, I guess the Wink-up scans I dled didn't have them included. ): MF's been sucky on me later, but if you need to I can try and reup there...? For everyone else, this is a collection of the KAT-TUN 缶can! pages from Wink-up magazine, which is basically just them measuring random stuff. Of particular interest is the fact that Kame and Jin's upper arms are the same circumference without flexing, Nakamaru's shoulders are actually slimmer than Ueda's, Junno had the thickest eyebrows, Ueda had the thinnest, and Jin's measurement is ??? in...vol. 38, iirc. Anyways, I really recommend dling and looking at these because they're a lot of fun and really interesting to see. :D

3. SCS went fine. :D Except I'm stuck playing third, but I can handle second or first just fine. ): s'fine with me, though, 'cause I don't take music anymore anyways lmao. Ah, I was thinking of naming my violin either Viognier or Corbiere, but i'm leaning more towards Viognier. ;; (vee-oh-knee-ayhr)

4. The last of the ass. dir. interviews were conducted today... it's pretty much a popularity contest, so Jackie says that prolly either Angela or Simin will get it but I really hope that isn't so, because I really want it. :C crossing my fingers even more! results will probably be out...tomorrow, maybe? We'll see~ Even still, looks like I'd better finish that staff app /D Tissue paper is plenty cheap, right? >___>


6. Ground school starts this Saturday! there are eight people from our squadron, but we'll narrow that down 'ventually. I refuse to lose! 'm gonna come back at the end of next summer being all like FUCK Y'ALL I CAN FLY A PLANE, just watch me. n____n

7. Chamber choir auditions - um, no idea what to sing or even if I can sing any scales or sightsing. This is gonna turn out hilarious, lmao. I think worst comes to worst I'll just sing the first two verses of Bokura no Machi de. この小さな街で〜

8. Um, Jeremy didn't know what Crisco (or shortening was) so we went on an impromptu field trip down bloor street to show him. /D We went to the Metro but they didn't have it so we walked down even further to go to the Sobeys and they had it. And then I pointed out a lot of restaurants and stores that he'd never noticed, lmao. I've walked down Bloor to Bathurst so many times that I know the area pretty well, I guess. ;;;

9. BRB COLOURING AND ICONING THIS. ffffff xxxholic has kind of made me want to cry lately. except not really, maybe it just makes my heart hurt. it's hard to explain. D: also wtf timeskip?

10. Looks like my first art project for the year's gonna be a mix of digital and non-digital? sketching out lineart, scanning, cleaning, colouring. I want to try a more painterly style, but if that doesn't work I'll...just stick to what I do usually (see icon). /D Um, either way, I'll try my best! I hope it'll turn out good. :D; I might upload a rough sketch of it later s-so please look forward to that!


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